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Hi there!! FI and I will be staying at the Canary Hotel and we just got a second room for the wedding day for him to get ready in so I was thinking we could take our first look photos and some other pics at the Canary Hotel before we head over to the Courthouse. In your opinion what are some great spots at the hotel for taking pictures? I'm not sure if we will be able to use the roof top or not. There may be another wedding going on! Any input would be great. Thanks!!

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    We took all of our pictures at the hotel that day.  Here is where we took our pictures-Our rooms- besides "getting-ready pictures", I took a lot on and around the bed.Restaurant area- there is a little side room with a lot of light and a bench that we took more pictures on. Downstairs, bottom level- a lot of weddings have pictures there on the staircase.Outside, where the valet parking is- There is a great spanish-tiled wall Lobby- DH and his family took portrait pictures there.You will have so much fun!  There are a lot of great picture opportunities there!
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    Awesome!! Thanks. I just took a look at the pics you have on your bio. They are great and you are right, there are great back drops at the hotel. So excited!!! Thanks again!
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