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Flowers from Vase 2 Vase in Lakewood?

Has anyone used Vase 2 Vase for their wedding flowers? I met with them the other day and liked what they had to say, but they didnt have many photos or examples of their work (other than some online photos that they directed me to). I am looking for flowers with a modern, clean, creative appearence (nothing to traditional but not WAY out there). If you have used them I would love to see some photos or hear about your experience! Thanks!

Re: Flowers from Vase 2 Vase in Lakewood?

  • I haven't heard of them. I heard Affordable Flowers on Triskett and West 150th/Warren (don't know which street it is at that point) were cheap. My fiances cousin used them and she had quite a bit of flowers but not to much and spent about $1000, I'm going to look into them some more.
  • I used them. They were nice to work with and things came out fine, though honestly when I first saw the flowers on my wedding day, they weren't exactly what I was expecting. In my opinion we spent a lot on flowers, and I thought mine and the bridesmaid's bouquets were pretty small, though I did like them. What was more surprising though were the boutioners. You can see the guy's below. We also had boutioners done for our readers, musicians, etc, and they were large roses. There was no accent pieces on the sides, just a big flower, which I thought looked pretty awkward and really didn't expect.

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    We used Vase to Vase for our Dec. 10th  2011 wedding.Can't say enough about them
    Thom was so easy to work with. When some other florists could not understand my vision, Thom nailed it. Found pricing to be very fair. Would not hesitate to recommend them..
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