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Paper Lanterns For Sale - Navy and Charcoal Colors

We bought our own paper lanterns for our ceremony and reception locations rather than paying our lighting vendor's high price for the rental. They are in a variety of sizes and are navy blue and charcoal. There are 31 in total. You can purchase white led battery lights to go inside. They really added a lot to the decor!! I loved them! We also have a few moroccan lanterns that are about 8" high. They open and you can put candles inside. We have 8 of those. We'll sell all lanterns for $150 or the paper lanterns for $125 and the morrocan lanterns for $25.
6 - 10" Navy
5 - 10" Charcoal
8 - 18" Navy
8 - 14" Charcoal
4 - 12" Navy

If you'd like to see how I used them I can send you pictures of the ceremony and tent. Shoot me an email if you'd like them.
~ Rachael
[email protected]

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