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Pacific Palms Resort

Has anyone here gotten married at the Pacific Palms hotel in City of Industry? If so, how much did it cost if you don't mind saying?

Re: Pacific Palms Resort

  • Sorry I don't know the pricing but I know it is more reasonable than the Westin In Pasadena, my company has had many events there and they have always turned out nicely.
  • I live in Baldwin Park so most of the higher end Quince's and some weddings I know of have been held here. I checked into what the price range was for a wedding there and when I last checked which was about 6 months ago was starting package price on a Saturday was over 60 a person not including the tax, tip etc. I don't remember what the minimum number of guests was but most places required 200 when I was looking on a Saturday, thats why we changed our date to a Friday Waayyy cheaper! Hope this helps!
  • Yikes. Thanks for the input. :)
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