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Received an Email about a bridal event ..?

Hey Guys,

Is anyone going to this event? I got an email recently and I think it seems pretty cool. Just wondering if anyone has gone to something like this and what the perks are?

Re: Received an Email about a bridal event ..?

  • I think that bridal shows are a waste of time.  Usually the vendors are giving away "freebies" but they give them away to most every other bride or groom they meet anyway.  If for some odd reason I was getting married again, I wouldn't go to another bridal show.
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  • OMG Bridal Shows are such a waste of time.  They just try to shove everything down your throat. So annoying.
    Their is this tour i heard about that seems cool and you get to meet a well known planner and photographer
  • I avoided Bridal Salon's Expos, primarily because I didn't want to feel the pressure or mistakenly buy a dress just because of the price, as opposed to how much I really loved how it looked.

    I would say go to at least one (large) expo (and if you can, drag your FI) ... at least while you're in the beginning stages of planning.  Even if all you get are free chocolates & pens, you do get a feel for ideas and designs that you might not have thought of, or have difficulty envisioning without seeing them in person.  

    Congrats & happy planning!

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