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Favors. Pleeeaase help

Okay ladies,  here's my dilemma.   FAVORS!
Candy bar, dessert bar or donation in our guests honor along with a little keepsake of our wedding date and the cause we donated to in their favor.
Originally it was the donation, then it we decided on candy bar and now we are liking dessert bar more.
The wedding is in July outside so I wouldn't want the candy to melt.


Re: Favors. Pleeeaase help

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    To me, a dessert bar doesn't really seem like a favor, unless you are imagining that your guests will take brownies and cookies home with them a la a bake sale.  Personally, I'd go with a donation.  It shows that you are thinking beyond yourself and it's a little bit more unique than a candy bar.  Plus, you can make it personal to you as a couple by donating to an organization that's close to your heart.  TIA!
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    HMMMMMMUndecided Lets start with some people will even tell if your stressing the idea go ahead and scrap it and save the $$$ and NOT do favors. 

    That's NOT ME!Cool
    I LOVE favors especially edible kind.....YUM!!! The donation thing is really nice, I mean at the end of the road you are helping someone who may need it more than a bag of candy. If you want to think about it in that sense. 

    I say prioritize honestly what would be the best?

    It's really hard to say scrap the donation idea since it is helping someone (it makes me feel like I'm taking someones plate of foodUndecided)  but if you decide to do any candy buffet or dessert table you can easily combine them a little sweets and some cookies, cupcakes YUM!  If you a place maybe under some shade, you could easily put it there OR you can wait till later in the reception and if you have ur DOC or a friend set it up when it gets cooler in the night.  

    Whatever you choose will be the best choice for you both!Laughing 
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    I like the idea of a donation with a little card on each table explaining the donation but don't pick a controversial dontation like pro-life or pro-choice.  I would do Children's Hospital, Animals, or Nat'l Parks--those are safe bets.
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    Thanks so much, ladies.  QueMiras good points!

    We're doing a dessert bar and a donation in their honor.  3 of my fam members have had/has cancer so for the men we are donating to the one my cousin had, for the women we're donating to what my aunts had/have and for the children we are donating to prayforkate.
    My cousin engraves things so we are getting tin cans and engraving at thank you note, the date and the program donated in their honor.  They get to take goodies home in a keepsake!

    Thanks again!
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