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Free Wedding Gift for a Bride and Groom who are getting married on August 11, 2012.



This is a strange request but I am being serious.  I would like to give a Bride and Groom who are getting married the afternoon or evening of August 11th 2012 a free gift.  We would bring something we brought off of their registry.  In exchange I would just like to be invited as a "wedding crasher" to your wedding ceremony.  I don't want to stay for the reception but I would just like for me and my Husband to attend the ceremony and witness a beautiful event of love between a bride and groom. 




About a year ago, Aug. 13th, I and my husband got married in Aspen/Snowmass.  I always wanted wedding crashers at our wedding and would tell him how cool it would be to have someone crash our wedding.


To my surprise the day of our wedding, my husband found some strangers he met the night before while hanging with the guys and had the guy and his wife surprise me with crashing our wedding…. They were fun and great and our families enjoy them and they dance and ate and party with us. 


It made for a great story and we made friends so that now when we go to Aspen we have a place to stay. 


This will be our first year anniversary together and I want it to be unique...everything is a surprise to my husband and he doesn't know what I've planned.  But  in addition to what I have planned for us so far…which a romantic boat ride around 7pm and dinner after, I still want to also do something before that time to set the day off right…something spontaneous and unexpected to him.


So I thought it would be nice to witness someone else big day of love before celebrating our year which has past. 


Since I am not rude, we wouldn't show up to view your special ceremony empty handed without a gift...and since I am not rude and aware that you planned and probably have a guest count....we wouldn't eat your food our take seats from you guest of love ones.  So you wouldn’t have to worry about feeding us, as we truly would just want to experience your ceremony and to send you well wishes and happy vibes.


If you or someone would be willing please past along this post and contact me a.s.a.p...must be getting married near Long Beach on Saturday August 11th.


Thank you

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