Bachelorette Party Ideas!

Looking for some bachelorette party ideas!  We would like to go somewhere and stay somewhere for a weekend.  We have though of PIB, but know that is probably going to get very pricey.  Any ideas of places where we could go and stay and not spend so much would be fantastic!


Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas!

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    Staying Downtown Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Columbus, etc. can be fun,  cut down on the costs a bit and make it an option to those not interested in staying overnight. 
    If you chose Downtown Cleveland for example - staying at the Hyatt Old Arcade for @ $100 +/- per room is just a walk across the street to E 4th street bars, restaurants, night club, Hillarities comedy club etc.  with lots to do. HTH

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    Ditto ayamm1123. It's nice to have the option for guests to not have to stay the night, if they don't want to or can't swing it financially. Also, having a multi-part party helps if say, someone has to work that day and might not be able to join the group until later, or might only be able to be there for the dinner part or whatever. And, if there are any underage guests, consider that. So... you could start with spa services (mani/pedi) somewhere, followed by happy hour/dinner, followed by dancing or a comedy club or some other activity, for example.

    Don't forget about Corner Alley, the bowling alley in downtown Cleveland. It's not your standard old alley either. It's got a more trendy vibe and the restaurant is supposed to be good.
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