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Suggestions for a 10k wedding in LA

Been doing a lot of research for my best friend.  I am one of her BM...don't mind functioning as her MOH. (it gets so petty with too many girls and ooh I am special ur not drama)  anyhoo another story for another day...I had my wedding back in August but my BF is indoors not outdoors...a few differences.  This is what I came up with to help others out.

VENUE:  Church halls (sometime donation to church only)  New Venues available date maybe cheaper pricing, a friend backyard can be dressed up

FLOWERS & CENTERPIECES: Take the time to go downtown and either DIY or negotiate with a flower shop downtown.  It is much cheaper than your local flowershop because the flower mart is there.

VEIL & DRESS:  Again Downtown.  My sister added Swarski crystals to my veil she bought in downtown.  total was 30 bux.  Alfred Angelo wanted 100 bux

MEN SUITS:  Sign up at a bridal show for a suit company.  You get ur fiance's suit for free if you ask the wedding party to get it at the same place, PLUs you get a gift card for 100 bux.  Pretty suit deal.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  find a new photographer or just pay for the most important hours.  free lance photographers dont charge too much.

CATERING:  family owned restaurants are faily inexpensive.


When I head back down there I will collect business cards and upload things for all of you to look at.


May this be a blessing to all of you.

Re: Suggestions for a 10k wedding in LA

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    thanks for the post -- I have a 10k budget and was thinking along the same lines.
    I will appreciate any info you find from downtown!

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    Thanks for the flower district suggestion. I'm new to LA and struggling with the flowers. My wedding is May 8th so I was starting to get desperate. Thank you!

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    Cash is your negotiating tool downtown :)
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Suggestions for a 10k wedding in LA</a>:
    [QUOTE]Thanks for the flower district suggestion. I'm new to LA and struggling with the flowers. My wedding is May 8th so I was starting to get desperate. Thank you!
    Posted by bennettcl0302[/QUOTE]

    Make sure you go bright and early.  I believe the entrance fee is a few bucks.  Have cash on hand.  <img src="" border="0" alt="Laughing" title="Laughing" />
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    YES! the flower district is the best, I went down there last week to get ideas for my upcoming october wedding! you can buy the flowers there, vases.

    Also the diamond district which is walking distance from the flower district is a great place to look for wedding bands! much cheaper then a jeweler at the mall.

    P.S. cash can make miracles in downtown.
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    Hey ladies I will be in and out of Downtown this weekend. I will be mindful to remember streets and pick up business cards for your convenience :)
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    The info is  a blessing thanks !
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