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What to ask when touring a venue - HELP!

Hey ladies!!

So next Wednesday me and FI will be touring the only venue that meets our expectiations.  Everything about this place is appealing.  Have any of you run into fees you weren't aware of?  What questions would be important to ask?  I would appreciate all responses.

Thank you!!
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Re: What to ask when touring a venue - HELP!

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    Here Comes the Guide has a pretty good, comprehensive list:

    In addition to these, we've been asking about whether there is a Groom's Room in addition to a Bride's Room.  If not, we may need a hotel close by where FI can get ready (rather than a long car ride in his suit)

    Also, our best man is in a wheelchair, so we've been asking about accessibility.

    Some sites provide insurance and permits, while other sites you may need to get those yourself, so that is good to ask about.

    Make sure the site has adequate parking and know whether there are any noise limitations or limitations on how you can decorate.

    I hope your tour goes well!

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    Thank you!  This will definitely help!Wink
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    Here's the list of questions that I brought with me to all of the venues we looked at: (keep in mind, this was after I had all of the initial questions answered, such as "how many people does the space hold?") Have fun!!

    Cocktail Hour: can we serve non-alcoholic drinks (lemonade, iced tea, soda, etc…)

    Alcohol: options for packages?

    Can we write in the contract that this is honoring the 2011 prices (for food and beverages)?

    What is the timeline of payments due? What’s the deposit? Cancellation policy?

    Are non-alcoholic drinks included in the price? Unlimited?

    What services does the day of coordinator provide? Do we need someone to bring centerpieces home that night?

    What time on the day of the wedding can we begin setting up?

    What’s the $(insert dollar amount if they have a minimum you must meet) minimum comprised of? (just food? Tax? Gratuity? Drinks?)

    Does the 20% service charge include tip?

    What is the server to guest ratio?

    How long does dinner take? What if guests want a second serving of something?

    Any additional costs or fees?

    What is the typical event time?

    When is the space available for rehearsal?

    Timeline of when we need to make final food/drink decisions?

    When do we give you the final guest count?

    Bride/Groom rooms?

    Any relationships with hotels in the area that may offer a room discount to our guests?

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    Ask about any planned remodeling projects or rennovations and their expected date(s) of completion.
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    Those are all great questions!  We will be touring on October 12.  I hope all goes well so we can set our date!

    Thank you ladies!
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