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Is $1,900 a reasonable cost to rent a church JUST for the ceremony?  In LA standard??  If not, any suggestions on a church with pipe organs that are more reasonable in cost?

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Re: Cost of Chapel

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    It depends on where you are, what denomination you are, and if they think you should be getting married.  What's included in the $1,900?  Are they throwing in the Organist, solists, etc.  What services do they provide, if any along with the rental of the church.  If it is just for the rental of the church and nothing else included then, that is a bit high in my opinion.

    Our church suggests a minimum donation(which is considerably lower fraction of $1,900) if you are not a member, but waives it entirely for members provided that the minimal custodian, organist and Pastor's fee's are paid for.

    What area are you looking in?

    One thing to consider also, if you go to a church that takes a stricter interpretation of the Christian faith, chances are they will not marry you if your date falls during the Lenten Season.  I know at my church, they will allow weddings before or after, but not during.  That could be a reason why you are getting such a high fee.
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    I booked a chapel for $600, but it is JUST a chapel, not a full church with a congregation, so I have to bring in my own officiant, etc.
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    I'm open to any church with an organ.  I'm curious where there are churches like yours out there!

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