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Cake Pops - the NEW thing?

Just wondering who is serving cake pops at their wedding?  I went to a wedding last week and they had some... I though it was so cute and original!! Definitely a hit!  Actually, Brides Rally is running a contest lately for free cake pops for bridal shower.  I'm not having a bridal shower, but I would totally join the contest if I were :)

Re: Cake Pops - the NEW thing?

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    I saw those. They are actually cute... I didn't think of the bridal shower for them... maybe that would be a great idea for it!!!
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  • imlovingitimlovingit member
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    I've seen them but not at a wedding. I think it;s a cute idea. Im sure not to many people have seen them.
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    I saw them at a wedding recently. I thought they were great! At the end of the wedding my friend was trying to get rid of some of the leftover favors so I took a few extra and gave them to my 7th grade TAs (teacher assistants...I'm a teacher) and they all loved them.
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  • lala90lala90 member
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    I recently went to a wedding with those, maybe it was just the baker, but they were kinda goowey and gross.  I didn't finish my tiny pop.
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