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Alterations-need recommendation!!!

Hey Ladies, so i live in Temple City and i am looking for someone who is good with alterations. My dress has a lot of beading so i need someone who is familar with beading. Also, i am on a tight budget, so i would ideally like someone who is reasonably priced. If you know anyone, or a good store, that is a fair price and is good with beading and basic alterations, please let me know. I don't mind going to another town, it does not have to be Temple City. Any town somewhat close is fine, i just need someone good. Thanks!!!:)

Re: Alterations-need recommendation!!!

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    I used Reene located in Woodland Hills.  She won't give you an appointment until you have your dress and she can't give you a quote until she sees your dress in person due to different fabrics, beading, how much actually needs to be done, etc.

    This is a link to reviews on Project Wedding.

    Her number is (818) 222-4434 and it's pronounced like re-knee not Renee.
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    To say that I second the suggestion from Jagore is a serious understatement.
    I take reviews I see online with a HUGE grain of salt because you just never know why
    one person likes something and another doesn't. But after seeing such glowing reviews of Renee and the fact that there were NO negative comments about her anywhere, I decided to give her a call. When I found out where she is (she works out of her house), I thought it had to be a sign because she is around the corner from one of my bridesmaids. She was FANTASTIC!!! My dress was beautiful...she did a really great job.
    As I'm sure holds true with everyone, you will be given A LOT of advice and everyone wants to give you their vendors. I have to say that we really were lucky with all of the people we worked with, but found most of them on my own. I was given 3 tips for people/places and truly don't know what I would have done without them. Renee is one of them. I'm sure I could've found someone else who would've been fine, but she is truly a superstar!!! I know she's not close to you in Temple City, but she's probably still worth the drive.
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