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Anyone take engagement photos in Pasadena?

We live in Pasadena and our good friend is taking the pictures for us.  I'm looking for any additional locations in the area that other couples have used or think would be good for photos.  Pasadena is beautiful so I know we have a lot of options.  So far I have in mind City Hall, Colorado Bridge and Old Town.  Also, has anyone taken pics at City Hall and needed a permit? Thanks!

Re: Anyone take engagement photos in Pasadena?

  • Hey there fellow bride-to-be.  Congrats on your engagement.  We decided not to have our photos taken in the Pasadena area, but I did look into the permit info for the city hall.  First off, city hall is AMAZING!!!  Great location, definitely.  Next, the lady I spoke with that's in charge of the permits told me that they only require a permit for actual wedding photos.  Meaning, if you are just going to do your engagement, you wont need one- unless, what you are wearing resembles a wedding dress/gown, then you are fine.

    South Pasadena has some cool places to take engagements too, maybe down off of Mission Road.

    Post up some photos, I would love to see them.  

    Good luck!
  • Caltech is good, but if it's obvious that you're taking commercial photos (ie, it's not just your mom snapping pics of you w/ one camera) then you need a permit.
  • Great suggestions- I just went for a run the other day near South Pasadena and it's really cute there.  And I live walking distance to Cal Tech.  Thanks for the advice, and good to know I won't need a permit for City Hall!! I'll definitely post pics...we will probably be taking them next month!
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