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anybody know of any old wedding chapels in or outside of LA or even in Santa Barbara?

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  • katzluv88katzluv88 member
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    just go to google and type in wedding chapels about 15 of them just poped up for me.

    search box: wedding chapels in los angeles.
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  • retroxchicretroxchic member
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    Thank you!  i'm looking for a histori wedding chapel (mission sstyle) or even an old historic catholic cathedral with interesting architecture
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    If you're looking for something within LA County, I recommend the Chapel of Roses in Pasadena.  There's also the Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I've visited both sites personally when I was searching for a chapel - they're quaint, charming and historic places. 
  • i already called wayfarers--it's not a CATHOLIC chapel :( it's Christian.
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