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Vera Wang deceit

I would like to know, how does one get a dress that is tailor made for them and then get charged alteration fees??? If it is made for me and I mean tailor made for me had to pay a rush fee of $500 to get it here at the 3 month mark, how can it finally get here and then I get gouged for more money as an "alteration fee" when its tailor made for me!!!!

I left Vera Wang today so frustrated and upset with my decision. I FELT RAPED. Yes the dress is beautiful, but would I have gotten it for this price if I knew how much they would tag on as fees, HELL NO! 

When I came to this store there was so much bull involved. There were 2 dresses that were in the running and I really had a hard time deciding between the 2, when I decided on the more expensive dress they told me "oh we've already put the order in for the other one so why don't you leave all your credit card information and we'll let you know Monday which dress the factory is going to make".  Right, so I'm supposed to believe that you have an opportunity to make the more expensive dress and charge me more and you're not going to take it? 

SUCH A SCAM. I already had had enough and then today to get told I need to pay $1200 in alterations when I've already paid $500 and the dress is TAILOR MADE FOR ME. 

I want every bride to know how ridiculous this institution is. 

 I was approached by Tara who is their manager, who decided to talk to be about my previous review. 

Apparently these are not made to order dresses. When they ordered the dress they ordered a size 8 which I was shocked at because I have a large bust. I thought they were going to order a size 12 and shrink the rest of the dress down to fit. But they ordered a 8 and had to increase the bust size and charge me $600. I was told by Tara that the length of the bust to bellybutton doesn't matter between a size 6 or 12 and so it would have had the same problem if it was a size 12, which is a lie. That's not possible, a larger size dress has more fabric period.

This is why my bikini top is a size 10-14, when my bikini bottom is a 4 or 6, the larger top size has more fabric. A size 14 dress has more fabric than size 4, and not only that its longer so I didn't agree with her notions that they are the same. 

On to my point, Vera wang dresses are not made to order, you are approximated by a size chart and then it comes in and a tailor adjusts it. So its not couture. I was told by Tara that couture usually costs more, which i wouldn't know, all I know is that if you're going to sell something and make the customer perceive something that it is not, that is a deceitful and unethical practice. 

My dress price increased %20 from its original price tag, due to alterations, because basically they ordered a size that was so small for my chest, the bust had to be enlarged and because of my height, I am told I can only wear a 4 inch heel. I cannot accept paying that much money to be told I cannot wear higher than a 4 inch heel. Furthermore, if this was a made to order dress like they make everyone think, I would have not had these limitations and problems. 

So that's the deal, the dresses are beautiful but what  you walk out paying is much more than you think, and you are made to believe each dress is for you, which its not really. 

Re: Vera Wang deceit

  • I've never heard of a bridal company that tailor makes dresses unless you go to a seamstress to have them design one for you.  Every store will take your measurements and send them in to the company that's making your dress.  

    Unfortunately, alterations are to be expected for pretty much any bride.  Many brides take their dress from the shop and have it altered elsewhere to save costs.  
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    Sorry you had such a rough experience with Vera Wang :/  They should have made it clear from the beginning.  I'm surprised to hear that VW doesn't at least pre-alter some measurements, Monique Lhuillier (well not her, but the warehouse) definitley custom makes every dress ... but yes, there is an alteration fee on top of that.  I know that seems odd, but it's just the way it goes.  They do leave some slack or some wiggle room (ideally), because during your first measurement, you don't have everything you need for the real deal ... you don't know what shoes you'll be wearing, what undergarments you'll be wearing, etc., so there's no way for them to measure you to a 100% accurate fit.  (ML does have a flat-fee for alteration, which did make me love the store even more)

    That being said, VW should have expained why they ordered your dress according to your waist line, as opposed to your bust, knowing that that bodice is often so difficult to fix due to ornate patterns or designs.

    After your dress is in hand, write a formal complaint, and send multiple copies to the store, and whatever higher-up address you can find (even yes, the CEO of the company).  It doesn't always work, but sometimes you do end up reaching the right person who should address your concerns appropriately.  

    Sorry you had such a lousy experience :( This is suppose to be the fun part!

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