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Venues like the Marvimon in Downtown LA

I trying to find a venue for my wedding May 2014 and we aren't finding much that's in my budget range. I live in the LA area and want a place with a loft feel. 

MUSTS are: Exposed Brick walls, Large Windows or a Garden/Terrace area, and rental cost of less than $3000! I went to take a look and the cost was... well, it was definitely over our budget! 

Any ideas? 

Re: Venues like the Marvimon in Downtown LA

  • If its not too far east for you, you might want to check out The Mittens Building in Redlands.

    I haven't been in person but the photos seem in line with what you are wanting. The prices were varying based on time/day but I think it workable with your budget.
  • Thanks for the suggestion!
  • I booked the SmogShoppe (marvimon's sister site) for July of this year.  They have a killer deal for Mon - Wed weddings it's $2500 I think.  Even with their required management fees and valet, you're still getting a good deal.  Keep in mind the tables and chairs are included.

    If you're willing to do a mid week you should call them back and ask about the weekday rates!

    Good luck!
  • Try looking at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens. It is BEAUTIFUL!
    Not sure of the Rental cost but you do have to bring everything in....Catering, Tables,'re basically just paing for location.

    Good Luck
  • I second the LA River Center but its more of a garden look.
  • Nice forum! I like this discussion about wedding venue! It helps us about decide the venue for my wedding. I can help you to plan the wedding by telling you about the downtown la wedding venues which is very beautiful for planning the marriage and etc.
  • Try Lot 613 in downtown LA.  Just visited the venue on Wednesday.... It's HUGE.  Warehouse/loft feel.  $2500 rental for venue for the WEEKEND.  It's worth checking out.
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