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Looking for video, cake and flower recs near Pasadena!

Hi- I'm looking for some recs for my September wedding. I'm looking for an affordable videographer, cake and flowers. Please let me know! Thanks!

Re: Looking for video, cake and flower recs near Pasadena!

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    I'm getting married in Pasadena, too. For cake, we are using Takes the Cake. They are on Colorado, and their prices are really reasonable.

    I tasted at Takes the Cake, Cakery Bakery (La Canada) and deCroupet's (Arcadia). All were tasty and reasonable, but Takes the Cake was my favorite (and closest).

    As for videgrapher and flowers, I am not using vendors located IN Pasadena. I would recommend being open to vendors all over the LA area, just so you have top pick and can get exactly what you want. Most vendors will travel within LA county (florist is an extra $40 travel, video is no extra travel fee), and it's not so bad to drive a little bit to meet with them if it means getting a vendor you really want. If you limit yourself to a videographer or florist in Pasadena, you'll have many fewer choices.

    Good luck!

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    I highly reccomend Commerce Flowers! It is a Knottie Fav & was one of my vendors. They will work with your budget & really work with you to get what you want =)

    Cake: No Recs, my Banquet provided that =/

    As far as Video goes I also reccomend our wedding videographer Sketch Images. We loved our final product so much! I dont know what is your budget, but might be worth checking out.
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    My videographer travels all over the LA area.

    His stuff is sooooooo good!

    Buckley Videographer

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    I tried to stay in Pasadena too, but couldn't find anyone local I liked - I wanted mostly eco-friendly everything. I'd also recommend going out of the city to broaden your horizons.

    Cake: Auntie Em's - Eagle Rock
    Flowers: La Vie En Rose - Los Angeles

    We didn't have video, which I regret now.
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    Don't forget about Porto's in Glendale!   Yuuuuuuummers!
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    Thanks so much! I'm definetly open to anywhere that delivers to Pasadena.
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