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Malibu Sunset Restaurant

Has anyone had their wedding there?  What was your experience?  Reviews and pictures online are nothing but amazing but wanted to hear from people.  Thanks.

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    I have never been to a wedding there, but I do work about a mile away and have been there for happy hour and such while weddings were going on.  What kind of wedding are you looking to have?

    I ask because it's a beautiful setting, however it struck me as leaning on the more casual end of things.  I'm basing that on one wedding that was going on while I was there, and I didn't see how things were upstairs.  It just depends what you want.    
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    The Sunset Restaurant is a beautiful place to hold a wedding, especially in October.  Our son's ceremony was on the beach and they absolutely loved it.  The pictures were beautiful with the sunset in the background.  We have had many comments from our guests, they are still commenting on how beautiful the ceremony with the sunset and the entire ambiance of the place.  They set up a platform so guests did not have to walk on the sand, very important with the elderly.  Our sons one request was to have his toes in the sand and he got his wish, while we were sitting on the platform.

    Annie, Valerie, Mara and the rest of the staff did a wonderful job with the wedding and the reception.  Annie approached me several times asking if everything was okay and if I needed anything.  We chose salmon as our meal and it was delicious.  On a scale of 1 to 5 we rate it right up there at the top!  We highly recommend this if you want to get “married in the sand”!

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