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Is Brunch A Good Idea?

Hi ladies,

What are your thoughts/experiences with brunch receptions? It sounds like a great, money-saving idea, but I'm wondering if

a) it really is less expensive than dinner (if you have to set up omelette stations etc)


b) if the food (like waffles, quiches, frittatas) actually tastes good when prepared in advance

I'd really appreciate any insight/experience you guys can offer! :)

Re: Is Brunch A Good Idea?

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    I think the major savings comes from it being shorter than a regular reception (not as much dancing) and not as much alcohol being served (usually mimosas, bellinis, etc).
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    How early are you planning on starting the ceremony?  I would be fine with going to a morning wedding but DH cannot get up early (it's not in his DNA).  Usually the cost is less than an evening reception because the food isn't as heavy and most people don't drink as much alcohol during the day.
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    msmerymac - Thank you for your response!

    jagore08 - If we do a brunch reception, we are looking to start the ceremony at around 11. I don't think I could get ready for a 9 am reception... though I am going to one in a few weeks! Thank you for your response, too!

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    I am a morning person and I actually like the idea of a brunch wedding.  I also don't like dancing very much so I often leave evening weddings early because I am not a party/dancing animal.  I think you could save a few thousand bucks I don't think its going to be 50% less than a night wedding.  Good Luck!
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    Thank you for your thoughts, ellefirst1980! Appreciate it :)
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