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Band or DJ?

I have always loved the way a DJ is able to guide a reception and engage a diverse group of people at weddings...but two of my friends are suggesting bands.  I love the energy of a live band but I am worried that a band wont be able to please such a broad group of age ranges and will be less versatile in pleasing individual tastes throughout the night.  Any thoughts?

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    We did a combo of live music and DJ. We had a piano player for cocktail hour, who did some love songs and standards. Then a DJ for the dance music. I think a DJ can get a crowd moving just as well as a band. Actually, with a band I'd be tempted to just watch them rather than dance. I also like hearing the original versions of songs at a wedding.

    My parents, on the other hand, had a live band at their wedding. Do what YOU would prefer.
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    We had a 1930's style jazz band that played danceable music and it was great and people loved it, but a lot of people didn't dance. DJ's keep the floors packed and know how to switch things up if the mood changes. In all the weddings I've shot this year, DJ's have been the way to go and they can play a diverse set of music for all age groups.


    p.s. I can recommend a great local DJ if you need one.
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