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Average cost of a videographer?

I know theknot has a wedding budgeter but to me it seems unrealistic, it budgeted $800 for a photographer… I wish! J 


So far the videographers I’ve contacted are well over $1,500 which seems pricey to me, am I being unrealistic or is this pretty average?



Re: Average cost of a videographer?

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    Based on my research, it seems to be the standard rate for most videographers. However, I have  heard that if you ask for the raw footage (unedited footage, I believe) , it can lower the price. Ask around.
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    I was VERY fortunate to find one for $1500, but most average $2000 and above for a good quality one. Be sure to request a recent sample video and not just base it off what they may have on their site. If you use more than 1 camera man, then it costs more.
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    I decided NOT to have a videographer.... because of $$$$ and splurged on photographer.

    But I got a rec from TK and if I'm correct it was $500 for 4hrs (maybe even less I'll look for the email when I get home)....for the life of me I can think of the name Teri...something in Beverly Hills. I got it from another knottie.

    But like garivato said it was raw footage, unedited however you want to call it. If you are not really interested in  fancy pansy video raw footage is the way to go and will be totally affordable.
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    Thanks for the responses, now I have to really decide how badly I want a videographer...

    Thanks again!

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    Yea - for our wedding I really wanted to get a videographer but after everything we paid out it wasn't in our budget.  But in the last 2 weeks I started getting scared that if we didn't get it I would be sad - I rather have it than not.  So we decided to just get the raw footage - so at least you have something and if you want to you can get it edited later. 

    Our DOC was able to get to come and videograph our wedding - raw footage only - and it was for 650.00.  I asked them if we wanted to get it edited later could they do it and how much.  They said yes they can and it would be about 700.00 more.

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    In the beginning dh and I decided not to have a videogapher so we can save money, but everyone kept telling us that we had to get one or else we'd regret it in the long run so we decided last minute to find one and squeezed into our budget.

    So, the one we hired charged us 1,200 for a 20 minute video (it was one of their basic packages) and we are so happy we did hire one because everytime I watch it I fall in love again....and that day comes back to least in my head. hehe. GL
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    You coudl try finding a film student on craigslist if you really want cheap videography and aren't too picky.
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    We're using Make My Day Videography and they have great prices. We designed a package just for us for $800.00 and we got unlimited ceremony-to-reception coverage and two videographers. No pre-ceremony prep though. Check  out their packages on ther site and know that you can design something that best suits your needs. Good luck!
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    I’ve def. heard from a few people that they regret not getting the videographer so I’m thinking it’s a must!  I’ve just started to check out craigslist and I’m totally open to just raw footage.  I figure it’s better than nothing for now..


    Thanks again ladies!


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    Hi Knottie.
    I know what your going through. I don't know about video, but I FINALLY  found a photographer for my budget: and will continue to search for other great vendors.
    Next week are the florist and cake.
    Just want to pass on my post.

    good luck,

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