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MUA Help needed!!!

Help!!! I booked my MUA several months ago and paid her in full. My wedding is now 39 days away, and I left her a voicemail to check in. She replied with the following email...  Can you believe this? So does ANYONE know of a good local makeup artist?? It might be a blessing in disguise because she was ridiculously expensive!!



How are you?  I received your phone call today as I was on the phone with my other July 21st bride who was informing me that her location has changed.  To make a long story short, it will interfere with me doing your wedding makeup on the same day. L


I sincerely apologize and I know this is disappointing, however, I do have a solution for you:


1.       Natasha Marcelina, who is on my makeup team, is available to do your makeup for you.  Please view her work here:  If this is something you are interested in, I will arrange for you to have a preview (free of charge of course) and I will refund $50 back to you; or,

2.       I can mail your [full] refund to:



Please let me know soon what you would like to do and again I sincerely apologize.

Re: MUA Help needed!!!

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    I think that I sent a PM about a while ago when you were originally looking for one. If not, let me know and I can send you her info. She's local and she will come to you, saw that was a concern on the other board
  • Thanks Monet. You did send me info before. Can you send it again? She didn't have a website if I remember... did she do your makeup?
  • I sent it. Check your PM. She's done my makeup for a birthday party as well as my high school reunion. She's doing my makeup and a few of my bridesmaids for my wedding in August.
  • Contact Lyna at  I highly recommend her!
  • Thank you Monet and Kaylee!
  • Hello, I do makeup for weddings and close to the area if you need me to come by for a trial run. I also work with a great hair stylist that would be able to do your makeup. I have done weddings, photoshoots and red carpet even for VH1 Mob Wife RaMonna Rizzo. Please feel free to contact me for my website, pictures, recomedations with numbers or any questions you might have. You can email me for an immediate response. Thank You Chanel Love I work around all budgets.
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