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Bridal Salon Recs for LA Area?

Anyone have good suggestions for bridal salons in the LA area? I live in Pasadena and had a nightmarish experience at Marylinn's when I was a bridesmaid a couple years ago, so I'm steering clear of that place.  My mom is visiting in June and I wanted her to come with me to start looking at some dresses just to get ideas but I'm clueless where to go! I'd prefer somewhere that has a wide range of priced gowns since I'm on a budget and a place that will be very patient with me because I know absolutely nothing about dresses or designers.  Thanks in advance! 

Re: Bridal Salon Recs for LA Area?

  • I bought my wedding dress at Panache, which is owned by the same people as Marylinn's, so I probably wouldn't reccomend that place, but I bought my reception dress at Lili Bridal in Tarzana and had a great experience. Even though I was only spending a $200 they were super helpful and friendly.

    I also checked out Pebbles Bridal when I was looking for my reception dress, and while the place tends to be chaotic (you can't make appointments, you just show up and take a number) they had some really beautiful dresses at great prices.
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    I purcahsed my gown in Simi valley at Kays Bridal....the service was AWESOME!!!!! They have a wide variety of prices and designers. I purchased a sample deal and received a great price. SImi Valley isnt in the LA area but its about 45 mins from Pasadena with no traffic.

  • I got my dress from Jinny's Bridal in Huntington Beach. They were very reasonable and carried basis various designers. Here's the info if interested: Jinny's Bridal 16089 Goldenwest St. Huntington Beach, CA 92647 7148426440
  • Thanks so much everyone! This is really helpful and gives me some great options. I had wanted to go to Lili in tarzana because I saw some dresses I liked on their website. I'll definitely be looking into all these places!
  • Several ladies on here have been to Pebbles in Woodland Hills and said they enjoyed their service and selection. 
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  • I went to the wedding day in foutain valley in Orange County because they pretty much had all the major designers :) I had a great experience at this place.
  • Great! I will look into those places too!
  • I bought my dress from La Soie Bridal. The store in Torrance has a large selection and at very good price points (mine was $1100 and they even gave me 10% off just for asking if there was anything they could do to help me out with the cost). The girl who helped me was super nice and didn't pressure me or make me feel rushed at all! Plus, they let you take pictures while you're trying the dresses on.

    Since I live in Pasadena also, I'm actually going to pick up my dress from the Torrance store and have the alterations done at the Pasadena location (right on Colorado Blvd).. Super convenient!
  • I recommend Karoza Bridal in Glendale. They were very helpful and their prices were comparable to other affordable bridal salons. They were not pushy and asnwered all my questions. I could have got my dressed at another place close to me but their customer service did it for me.

    I also went to pebbles when i was looking and their prices are good and they have a huge selection. 
  • Yelena Bridal in Monrovia has beautiful gowns!!!! and the ladies there are super helpful! Definitely try this place out!
  • karoza in glendale was great and didn't make me feel less important b/c i was trying on dresses under $1000 and the girl next to me was wearing a $13000 dress!!
  • Wow I have a lot of options! I live in walking distance to the Pasadena La Soie and I just never considered it because it seems so small.  I'm sure it is just misleading though from the outside.  Definitely looking to keep this at $1500 absolute MAX.  Ideally I'd even want it under $1,000 if possible.
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