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I FOUND MY DRESS!!! So0oooo excited!!

So I've been a wreck about finding the perfect dress because I'm a champagne tastes - TAP WATER budget type girl. My friend told me about this dress show up in Laguna Hills called Fabulous Affordable Bridal. I went and checked it out. It was interesting, they had like 200 gowns in this ballroom and they let you just go around and pick them and go try them on. I was afraid there'd be girls fighting over dresses but it was really chill. All the dresses were new and I recognized a lot of designer names! They were priced at like, $100-1,200 a gown. I got mine for $695 (It's a Jasmine Bridal gown!) and they gave me a free veil for liking their Facebook page!!! It was a really great experience, they had nice employees too helping me put on gowns.

Only word of caution ladies, make sure you wear appropriate underwear. Their dressing room is shared and I saw some lady parts I did not need to see since some brides didn't wear undies LOL!!!

They're doing a show at the Biltmore this weekend! the info is on their website

I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT MY GOWN!!! I would post a pic but my Robbi [Fiance] is nosy and I suspect he might see this post. Maybe I will post a pic later anyway :D:D:D

Re: I FOUND MY DRESS!!! So0oooo excited!!

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