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Outdoor March 31, 2012 Wedding

Hey guys - I was hoping for any advice on our wedding venue.

We are planning on an outdoor wedding at the end of March, 2012 around Northridge, CA. Any take on the temperature? or chance of rain?

For temperature we are planning to have several standing heaters scattered around, and for rain.. well.. no other trick except for tents, which will defeat the purpose of an outdoor wedding. Any other suggestions?

And sunlights! Although it will be nice to have sunlights, we are also planning to have a projector to show our pre-wed videos.. It won't be visible if there is too much sunlight.. I'm not a pro in the system.. anyone out there knows about solving this problem too?


Re: Outdoor March 31, 2012 Wedding

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    Oh... we are thinking of starting the reception around 4.30pm. Any comment on this too?
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    Have a back up indoor venue? That's really the only option. And it's certainly possible that it will rain in March.
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    You won't be able to see a accurate forecast of weather for your actual wedding day until about 2-3 days before.  BUT, the Farmers Almanac can give you an idea of historical weather on your wedding date. I tend to go back at least 10 years to get a feel for the average temperature on a particular date.  

    You can also google sunrise and sunset times by date. From December 21 (winter solstice), you gain about 2.5 minutes of daylight every day until summer solstice. Once you get to the end of June or early July, you then start to loose the same 2.5 minutes per day until daylight savings time in the Fall.  Hope this helps.

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    I understand what you are going through. My FI lives in Northridge and I live in Irvine and the weather is so different. It could be really warm, but as I noticed when it rains, it pours...make sure that you have a back-up option. I would prefer to have an outfoor ceremony, but have made plans to relocate if weather is rainy and/or cold. You don't want to have mud on your dress or guests sloshing in mud to the reception.
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    My cousin got married (indoors) last March and it was really chilly.  We were only outdoors for the pictures.  That time of year is usually cool in the afternoon/evening so I wouldn't recommend an outdoor reception.  If you have an outdoor ceremony you might consider having blankets and warm drinks for your guests (unless ends up being a really warm day). 
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    Make sure you have a back-up plan!

    I got married 10-2-10 in Las Vegas and planned on an outdoor wedding. Well, who would have thought that a huge storm rolled in an hour before the hotel was scheduled to set up?? ! Well it did!! Luckily we had a back-up plan (arranged when we booked the venue).

    When speaking with your venue and florist make sure you have a back up plan and décor layout.

    In the end, everything came out beautiful & yours will too!!!

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