Hi there! So, it's just under three weeks til the big day! I had a few questions I was hoping some of you could help me with or offer your best advice: 1. I'm getting married outside at a gazebo. My MIL doesn't think I should hang my paper lanterns from the trees the night before in case kids or weather elements ruin them. Should I just assign a couple of guys to do it the day of? Should I just get up early and do it? 2. What is the best way to hang paper lanterns? Fishing line? 3. We're using the DJ Crew. I know if the vendor is self employed you don't really need to tip. But, the DJs that will come out to do our wedding, I assume, work for the company. What should I tip each DJ. I believe 2 come out. I'm sure I'll have more questions soon! TIA~!

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    Congratulations - our weddings are coming up - ours is in 4 weeks! Here's my opinions!1. Assign someone to take charge in doing that the day of. You are the bride and shouldnt be doing tasks like that on your day.. deligate it to a trusty soul!2. I'm using fishing line - but my friend did hers with color ribbon.3. We are using DJ crew too! Tipping is a personal thing and it's an older tradition imo. We arent tipping beyond the payment made to the company. The Dj's get paid from the company like we all do from the company we work for, but I dont' get tipped for doing my job.... however, if they do an outstanding job.. and you "want" to tip.. then tip them and yes, tip them both for sure imo.. of course. But we think tipping has gotten a little out of hand in recent years. You are buying their service for a fee that isnt negotiable, but do you tip the best buy guy that helps you pick out a tv or a movie/cd? but maybe my tipping comments are for another posting lol! goodluck with you wedding.. I've been seeing you on her for a while.. and finally it's our turn sista! yeah!
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    we used the DJ crew and did not tip FYI.  nothing against the guys, i just felt as though for what i had to pay for them, tipping would've been a bit excessive IMO.
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    Lanterns – do the day of b/c dew even could ruin them over nite! I would send fishing line and maybe some paper clips …makes it much easier to attach strings to the paperclips and then attach to trees then trying to tie the strings around the branches themselves. May save a bit of time! I tipped our DJ’s since they offered a service (and they were not the owners.) I approached tipping as who offered a service(DJ, bartender, bus/limo driver, serving staff, hair salon, etc.) vs. no tip for those who had a tangible deliverable (cake, flower, photographer, etc.) on or after my wedding day. HTH!
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