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Hi ladies!
We are doing our e-session on Friday and I am looking into what to wear. I know we want a casual and then a dressy look.
Well FI wanted us to wear our favorite band shirt for the casual portion. I was totally for it but today he told me that he found matching shirts for us to wear. The shirt he found for us says LOVE , "Lo"  &  "ve"  in seperate lines . 

I thought are shirts we be in different colors, but he wants us both to wear the SAME shirt. I think the shirt is cute and the fact he thought about it made it even sweeter!
My question is: Do you ladies think it will look weird in our e-pics if we wear the Exact Same shirt?

BTW we both will be wearing dark denim jeans. He will wear van shoes and I will wear chuck taylors. If that changes anything.

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    I am not a big fan of matchy matchy, but maybe if you did two different shirts for the casual look it would be fine because you can choose later and will still have the option.
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    They are your pictures so I say wear what you like.

    If you really want my opinion I really like the band t-shirt idea. I think it is different and says something about the two of you individually which I think is great for a pic that shows two people coming together. My photographer strongly suggests people do NOT do the matchy matchy. After seeing other pics on his site that did choose to wear the same thing or almost the same thing I see why. Although they were beautiful don't get me wrong it is just not very visually appealing to me. It is cool to stay in the same color scheme maybe switch up the fabrics, patterns, etc. You just don't want to look like twins.

    It is super sweet he is participating and those shirt are sentimental but maybe have a friend or relative take a nice pic of you two wearing the shirts. Just an idea.
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    I think its totally cute that he chose the shirts to wear! maybe you can do a few in those! Im sure he'd love to say that it was his idea (and he helped with at least something)... not sure how your guy is but would he be a little disappointed if you didnt wear those and he really tried to look for matching shirts.. ?! 
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    I say go for it! If BOTH of you like it why NOT!
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    Ok, maybe I am a total sap but I think the whole thing is soooooo cuuuuute!!
    He picked them out, and you two will be matching. OMG, cuteness! I say you do it.
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    Thanks ladies. I am still a bit unsure about matching. I just don't want to be mean to him.  I have a band shirt, but we are working on getting him a shirt. If it doesnt work then we might match. Wish me luck!
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