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If you could be on any reality show, which would it be and why?
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  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    I told DH that I would love to be on Worst Cooks in America just so I can learn some skills.  
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    OMG I just saw that show this weekend Jagore!!!
    I still think it would be Big Brother for me - I probably wouldn't make it far but that is an all time favorite of mine.
    I would also LOVE to do Amazing Race too!
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  • nikojammnikojamm member
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    Well, probably Big Brother, but only because it's my favorite!  I actually wouldn't really want to be on it cuz of the cameras 24/7 & the crew seeing EVERYTHING!  I also wouldn't want my life on national tv!

    Oh, & Jagore that is so funny cuz I like WCA!  Just caught up with the last 2 episodes this weekend.  Didn't like it as much this year with Robert, but was still good!  & I don't think you would qualify for the show... I'm sure you cook just fine!  I like Next Food Network Star as well.
  • Mellie35Mellie35 member
    edited December 2011
    DH and I actually submitted an audition tape for Amazing Race. We love that show! I think we would be really good on it. Of course, I would probably have meltdowns but my husband would be calm and collected and get us through.
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