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Cheap shower help?

Hi Ladies- We're planning a shower for our best friend in the LA area in May. We (my fellow bridesmaid and I) are traveling in from Seattle and Santa Fe for the shower so will be planning it from afar.

Any suggestions on a cheap/good value caterer we can use for the food - we would love to have the food made, pick it up and set it up ourselves in the shower space.

If not, any suggestions on a good place that offers space/food/tea/etc. for a shower that is reasonable. My friend and I are paying for the whole shower and would love to spend no more than than $300-$400 between us.

We are clueless as to where to begin as we're not from the area. Thanks for any help!!

Re: Cheap shower help?

  • As far as caterers, I've used green street restaurant in Pasadena before and they were great; really reasonable per person costs...for venues, what part of Los Angeles were you hoping to stay in?
  • Hi initially for my shower I was going to have food catered from California Chicken Cafe... I love their chicken and salads!!  We ended up going with a Taco grill catering because I love tacos. They came set up a grill outside and cooked the tacos during the shower and then guests  could order their tacos from the chef.. I went with Sandy's Tacos... the food was really good!

    But Try CCC, they are great too!
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  • Howany guests and what area of LA? My sisters had my shower at the Tudor House in Santa Monica and it was quite nice. I don't know how much they spent, but would imagine it was about in that range and for..I think 20 something people. The only issue with them is they don't have a private parking lot so it made getting all my gifts out a little challenging. But otherwise it was lovely. There are a ton of restaurants you could check out...what area will you be in?
  • If you like Greek food, I just got catering from Daphne's Greek Cafe last weekend, and it worked out really well. They were nice, the order was accurate, the food was good, and the price was very reasonable. We got a vegetarian platter of appetizers, some additional pita and hummus, a tray of baklava, and some greek salad dressing for around $100, then I supplemented with a big green salad, some chocolate chip cookies, chips with salsa and guacamole, pita chips, and brie and crackers. It easily served 12 people for a meal. They're a mini chain and have locations in much of the LA area.
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  • Porto's Bakery is fantastic and they do catering. How many people are attending? You could do a cooking themed shower and just spend on drinks & games.
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  • Homegirl Cafe if you want a social justice spin on it.
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