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Garden Wedding Ceremony & Reception

I'd love to have a garden/backyard wedding (both the ceremony and reception) in Los Angeles this August, both for the look and to save costs, but it seems just about everyone I know here lives in an apartment.
I am looking for somewhere for approx 60 guests within a very limited budget (we're trying to do the whole wedding for under $4000) that will let me bring in chairs, a small number of tables and food and ideally have access to the kitchen for prep (just the fridge and an oven to heat).
Really I am looking for a private rental, someone with a beautiful backyard who would be willing to let us rent it for the day (and maybe even for the day before for setup). I have looked at vacation rental sites to see what might be available, but few seem to have much of a garden. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Garden Wedding Ceremony & Reception

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    I have a house in bel air, with a beautiful garden. When is your wedding day? You can contact me at, and i can send you some pictures. The house is really charming!
  • Also look at Happy Trails Catering in Pasadena. You will not be disappointed.
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