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Hi all! Does anyone have towels they bought at Bed Bath & Beyond?I ask because today I was putting away towels FI and I got at our shower. They are the Duet bath towels by Royal Velvet. 2 of them snagged while I was folding them, one on a basket, one on a rivet on my jeans. I'm getting worried they may snag a lot with regular use, and wondering if we should exchange them. Does anyone have any experiences with these towels, or suggestions for others at BB&B? These towels are pretty and so soft, but we don't want something that won't last!~Gretchen

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    BBB takes EVERYTHING back.. I would return them and explain the story. I've not ever gotten towels from there.
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    I've noticed that I need to be careful with my hand towels catching on my ring when drying off my hands. But I have had no snagging trouble with any of my others.
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    We have the Microcotton Suite Collection line from BB&B and they are FANTASTIC. No snagging whatsoever, and they have been through several washes, etc already.  They recently discontinued them and came out with Platinum Microcotton I think? Either way, they are the same, and I love them.  I would recommend returning the Duets for these, you shouldn't have any problem. GL!
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    My friend had a bad experience with her BB&B towels too. Not sure what kind she had though. I decided to register for towels at Target instead because of her experience and I love the ones we got.  Hopefully you will have no problems returning them.
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