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Photo Booth! Can anyone recommend?

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to hire a photobooth company -  can anyone recommend a company they have used and what is the average price for 3-4 hours?


Re: Photo Booth! Can anyone recommend?

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    I am in the process of researching a company too. I did some research last night here is what I found. Most companies start at like $1000 for about 4 hours. Some come with all the bells and whistles for $1000 and some just come with the booth and then you can add on to the package for more. 
    When I went to a bridal show there were some companies that had day of show specials if you booked then. 

    I will probably go with Pink Shutter (although I haven't researched them on Yelp yet- I did see them at the bridal show and liked their pictures)

    There is another company I am considering  is Photo Booths for Parties... and I received an email from this place named Shutter Box.

    If you want I can forward you the price list as they are a PDF .

    Send me a PM with your email if you want them.

    Sorry I havent used one yet but I hope that helps at least get you started!
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    i used smile lounge, which i found through brides rally  and i would throughly reccomend them! they were so flexible, and organized and dedicated to our satisfaction.
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    My friend used photobooth for parties and I believe they were around 700 for 2 or 3 hrs. Their pics were good quality....we enjoyed it and now looking to book for ours.
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    i am using so cal photo lounge they are priced really good. im paying 2200 for dj and photo booth with all the extras. i think just for photo booth it was like 800.

    cliff housego is the owner. hes super nice.
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    Their rates start at $120 an hour.  Good luck!
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    I second Jagore! M and M portrait booth!
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    thanks everyone!  I am hiring Booth my event for 4 hours and $600 :)  I'm a happy camper.  Here's the link if anyone is interested.

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    I got my photobooth through my photographer. A lot of photographers are starting to include it in their packages so you should definitely check with yours. It was a lot cheaper for us to do it that way rather than hire a totally different vendor.  We met with 3 photographers and 2 of them offered photobooth options so I think its a quickly rising trend!
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    We got our "photo booth" through our photographer Matt Petit of Image Group Weddings (who was awesome!). He actually set up an area where another photog from his team took pictures of our guests. What I liked about it physically not being a booth is that lots of people could get in the shots like 20 people if you wanted. We also gathered together a bunch of hilarious costumes and people could put on whatever they wanted. It was great!
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