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I'm an Editor at the LA Times Magazine and letting my readers plan my wedding!

Hi Lovely People! 

I wanted to share my new exciting blog with you. It's called Plan My Wedding at  Comment on the whole wedding process and vote on your favorite dresses, china patterns, bands, cakes, bridesmaids colors, and much much more! i listen to you, and without you we can't have a wedding!

Thanks for your support & hope you'll love it! 
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Re: I'm an Editor at the LA Times Magazine and letting my readers plan my wedding!

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    Wow.  Letting complete strangers plan your wedding, that's ballsy!  No, you sound like a fun and laid back person.  I can't wait to see what else people pick for you.  Good luck with the planning!
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    This all sounds great and fun and interactive


    are you seriously sure you want to do this?  A wedding is such a personal thing: about you and your FI--call me a bit old fashioned, but before you start listening to others you really should listen to yourself first.  No one knows your own needs, your own family, your own guests better than you do--no one is more qualified to make each decision more than you are.  Popular opinion, while popular, may fail you when you get down to things that make you, your FI, and your families unique. You just may find yourself down the line years later wishing you had done things differently rather than turning each detail into a popularity contest.  Yes the idea is original.  But remember, be true to yourself--at the end of the day, as a bride no one else's opinion matters more than yours.

    Tread carefully.  Just because we live in a democracy, doesn't mean that those who vote are voting for what is truly best--especially when taking into account the needs of a specific and unique individual.

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    Better you than me - I would be scared to death.  But hopefully everyone will be genuine with their ideas and advice.  That would be just cruel and mean to try to make someone have a horrible wedding.
    Good luck I can't wait to see how it turns out - I'm going to go over to your website and take a look.

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