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should I have a reception?!?!

receptions can be really expensive. I am planning a budget wedding and most of my guests will be heading on vacation on my wedding day so I know not everyone will stay for the reception. also I am not sure how members of my family will be there because its six hours away from where they all live. I was thinking of just having refreshments right after the ceremony with all the traditional things still included like the first dance and bouquet toss but I wont have a full on reception which is what i want but i also want everyone to stick around.I just don't see it working out how i vision it. so i thought maybe have the small short reception and then have a nice one with a dj and everything when I go home on vacation so that all my family member can be apart of the celebration. what do you think? what would you do?

Re: should I have a reception?!?!

  • The reception is a thank you to your guests for coming to celebrate your union.  If you invite them to a ceremony then you must have a reception.  If you plan your ceremony at a non-meal time (2-4; 7-8) then you can have refreshments and heavy hors d'ourves for your guests.  You should provide your guests with something to nibble on.  You don't need to do a full sit down meal if you're not having your reception at a normal meal time.
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  • Ditto jagore. You NEED to have a reception. A reception does not have to be a full meal.

    In terms of planning, have people RSVP when you send out invitations. They you will know how many are coming.

    You can look into some really casual catering options - tacos, BBQ, Costco platters, giant sandwiches from Subway.
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  • If you want to have a reception but still save money do you think you could do it during the day and many only have appetizers, one or two signature cocktails, and some dessert? That would probably be way cheaper than serving a full dinner!
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