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Melissamather or anyone else familar with LAMountains

Hi :) Born and raised in LA and having the wedding here. Been a long time lerker!

Anyway, we are thinking of having a brunch reception and are looking for venues that we can have both the ceremony and reception at, with it being cost effective, and beautiful at the same time. We both like the idea of having it through a park since a lot of the money goes for preservation.

The parks we have our eyes on are Franklin Canyon (my dad and I went there frequently growing up), Upper Los Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, and Temescal.

I know Melissa is getting married there which is part of the reason I signed up :)

We definitely want to have the ceremony outside, and between having an indoor and outdoor reception (not sure which month we are getting married, or what the bug situation would be like).

We have emailed LAMountains and called, but haven't received any information regarding cost and vendors. Are you able to pick any vendor? Do they have recommended vendors to choose from? What are the rental costs? And do you need to rent your own chairs and tables?

Sorry for all the questions.

Re: Melissamather or anyone else familar with LAMountains

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    Sorry, I haven't been on the boards consistently the past few weeks! 

    I am getting married at Temescal Gateway on June 11th 2011. 

    Let me see what I can do about answering some of these questions for you!  And don't worry at all about asking questions!  We are here to help!  

    Are you able to pick any vendor?

    Yes, at Temescal, everything is bring your own.  They have two different sites you can use.  One is Sycamore Valley which comes with Stewart Hall.  (Where we are getting married.)  The other is Woodland Terrace which comes with a different room.  They are both beautiful.    You can use all your own vendors, bring in your own alcohol, etc.  They have chairs and tables you can rent to use, but I chose not to.  


    Do they have recommended vendors to choose from? 
    Joyce Whitehead is the coordinator there.  She runs the park, I believe.  She has vendors that she can recommend to you that have worked there before.  Is a wedding coordinator in your budget?  I have a great one that has been the biggest help in finding vendors. 

    What are the rental costs? And do you need to rent your own chairs and tables?

    The rental cost for me was about $3000 plus a $1000 deposit that we get back if we don't screw anything up.  You are required to get insurance as well.  This cost for me includes my ceremony and reception sites for 12 hours on my wedding day.  (Set up and clean up must be done in that time as well.)  We must be done by midnight. 

    You do need to rent your own table and chairs, but can do so through Temescal or on your own. 

    Call Joyce at Temescal or email her.  She is amazing. 

    Also check out their bio on That's where I got a lot of my information at first. 

    All this info is only for Temescal.  Also, it is just my experience.  I also signed my contract with them last summer, so prices may be different now. 
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    Hi! Thanks for getting back to me. We are looking for an end of June or sometime in summer of 2011 wedding as well.


    Thanks for giving me the details on the wedding sites. That’s great that you can bring in your own food and alcohol. That will save us a ton of money for sure (I hope).


    Who are you renting your chairs and tables with? Are TG’s chairs and tables ugly?


    We know we will need a day of coordinator for sure as for as coordinators are considered. I kind of figured that I will pick all my vendors through recommendations, but we definitely will need a day of and someone to be the source of communication between vendors.


    Is the rental cost $3,000 despite what day of the week and what time it is? It seems more expensive than I thought it would have been, but I guess the trade off is you have the freedom of picking from any vendor.


    Thanks again for the information. Do you have Joyce’s email address? I have looked on Herecomestheguide, but I didn’t think it did a good job with giving me details about the site.

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