Hi! Thought to save your other post for well-wishes! :) I graduated Case in '06, soci/religion. . . . but ALL of my friends/roomies are engineers. I'm sure we stumbled across Euclid together for 9am classes at one point or another, lol. :) It's so cool that you guys met there and are getting married at Amasa! Karen is GREAT to work with, tell her Samantha said hi! As for decorations, we used tulle pew bows and an aisle runner (if you're using one, I have gaffing tape you can get your hands on, lol, long story). That's it. We'll have some pro-pics in my bio here shortly, but if you want to see the non-pro ones, I have TONS. It's a great place and run by great people! It was honestly the least PIA part of our day, lol. A suggestion I have that you might not think of (we didn't): if you're using the piano, it isn't mic-ed and comes off reallllly soft. The night of the rehearsal, my DH went home and drug out his guitar equipment for a boom to use the next day. You can rent one through Karen if you go that route and plan early. We used the piano and organ. . . and even tried out a cd. . . it all sounds great in there!! Hope something I said helps you along the way! I'm so excited that someone else is getting married there!! If for some reason you can't snag me on here and wanna talk, feel free to email me: paulinewedding2009 at yahoo dot com.

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    How funny we both graduated from Case. My FI was scheduled to graduate in 06 but since he did co-ops he graduated in 5 years. I figured when I posted about Amasa Stone, no one would know what I was talking about! What a small world?! I'll have to stalk your photos. It would be nice to see what Amasa looks like for a wedding. We aren't sure if live music is in our budget, so we might be doing music from an ipod/laptop so its good to hear that the acoustics are fine. If I have any questions, I'll be sure to ask. :)
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