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Daughter Expecting/wants wedding

My daughter 28, managed to hide her pregnancy, though I've been questioning her for 3 months now and is having a baby in November. Her and BF do want to get married. The kicker they need financial help for a few months because of baby, her not working, not ready for a baby, bills etc. AND they want to have a wedding, though they aren't sure if they want it now or next summer. Why summer? They want and have always dreamed of a beach wedding. I'm thinking that we could still give them a wedding but not as extravagant because that money should go towards baby expenses etc. Since we live in SoCal, I was thinking we scale down the guest list, got to a public beach have a short ceremony on the sand and find a nice restuarant where we can reserver a private room for a nice dinner. Is this being reasonable? I also don't have an extra $5k or $10k to spend on a wedding and help them with a new baby. So I couldn't give them the works anyway. AND neither does his parents. What do you think? And does anyone have a nice place we can have a nice dinner. We are from Pasadena. Thank you.

Re: Daughter Expecting/wants wedding

  • Unfortunately this board doesn't get much traffic. 

    I've heard that the Cheesecake Factory in Redondon Beach is really lovely. 

    You could also try Cafe Bizou. I've only been to the one in Sherman Oaks- but they have one in Pasadena (and one in Santa Monica). 

    Also check out the Silent Theatre (as a ceremony venue as well) as a

    Good luck!!
  • Sunset Beach Restaurant in Malibu does beautiful weddings. They have an outdoor beach ceremony location right outside their door. Not sure of pricing, but I was at a small (10 people), budget wedding there a few months ago so they will accomodate smaller groups.

    Congratulations to your daughter & good luck!
  • I know that Maggiano's Italian-American restaurants have banquet rooms and can do wedding receptions.  The one in Los Angeles in the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax, from what I've seen, has pretty rooms.  I always get their marketing emails to contact their banquet organizer for parties and they always advertise different size rooms for different party sizes.
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