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Long Ago Knottie...... =)

Hello there Knotties!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the wedding planning ordeal - just remember, don't stress too much over it!!!  ;)

So my son's 1st birthday is next weekend and was wondering if you'all know of any up and coming photographers that are looking to shoot an event for frer - for portfolio purposes and/or practice. I know you Knotties know everything so you gals are my first stop!!!!


Re: Long Ago Knottie...... =)

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    PeavyPeavy member
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    Hey, I remember you!  Congratulations on your marriage and your son.  Can't help with the photographer, but wanted to send best wishes.
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    jagore08jagore08 member
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    Hi!  Laura Laing (LA knottie princessa) is a photographer.  Check her out.  Her rates are reasonable.
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    marmarmarmarmarmar member
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    Hi there!!!

    I do remember your knottie name....but no pictures so I can't recall a face.....but thanks for the wishes.  =)

    Thanks jagore08 for the link.....will look her up!
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