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Money/Dollar Dance?

Hey girls,

Just wanted to get a feel for what local girls think of this tradition. I've only been to a handful of weddings in my lifetime, and I can't remember seeing this, alithough I'm told its common in this (Socal) area.

Some of my fam totally think I should do it, but I'm not sure exactly how it works and how long is it supposed to last. BTW  my MOH had never heard of this before today when I asked her about it, but she says the whole thing reminds her of a strip club, with dollar bills, and a dance floor. LOL!

Anyways are any of you planning on doing this? If so, how are you gonna do it?

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Re: Money/Dollar Dance?

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    We thought it was tacky so we didn't do it.

    What we did do was we put a bird cage down by the gift table so if people wanted to  put cards or money in it, they could.

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    I also have been to a handful of wedding some had it some didn't. 

    Personally, I think if you want to do it....THEN DO IT!!! Tacky or not? Thats just someones the end you decide what you want or not.

    Though the birdcage idea is ideal, (which we are having as well) I just don't see all of your guest putting a dollar in or giving you $. As a guest I wouldn't think oh birdcage= dollar dance...hey thats just me!

    FI wants us to have a dollar dance, he said it's something they always done at their family weddings, I don't recall that my BRO had one (10 yrs ago) BUT my cousin who got married to 2yrs ago did...and what she said to me she got a pretty good amount to help them to start their new home, (btw this was in addition to their gifts)

    HTH !
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    ok, i was on that boat too. DH and i were sooo against it. we thought it was super tacky and didn't even want to think about people pinning money onto us. then our friends, an engaged couple themselves, talked us into it. they told us they would coordinate it and make sure that we had fun with it.

    this is what they did: they had a little white gift box for DH and a white purse for me. they had the guests that wanted to dance with us make two lines behind us, one for me and one for DH. each of them took the $ for their line and counted about 12-15 seconds for each person to dance with us. it was exactly the right amount of time and everyone had a blast. just make sure your dj plays upbeat music :)

    btw, our dj announced it as a "honeymoon dance" instead of "dollar dance". it just sounds a little nicer. and we got way more cash than we anticipated! people were feeling extra generous and we had a carefree honemoon because of it!
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    IMO, it's incredibly gift grabby in my social/family circle.  People have already spent money on a gift for you (likely)... 

    However, I know it is customary for other cultures.
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    I have only been to one wedding that did this and it was a little less tacky. A song came on and the DJ announced you could pay the bride for a dance.  Guests went up and danced with the bride for a few seconds and gave her some money which was not pinned to her--it was put in a little white pouch.  As a guest, I felt it was a bit tacky.
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    I have NEVER seen one done. Fi has seen it. His family is from Iowa and I guess it's happened at some weddings he's been to. My family would definitely not understand and find it tacky - again, because it is not our tradition.

    If you want to get around possibly offending some people (who don't know what it is), I know some people have their guests write notes of advice or well-wishes on slips of paper and hand those over to the B&G as "payment" for dancing, rather than having to put in money.
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    I don't think its tacky at all, maybe because I've seen it at most weddings i've been to and because my family has also done it in their weddings.  So I did do it...also as a "Honeymoon dance" just like okami.mami did and I also used a white pouch. We also got more money than we expected...we did not pay for anything on our honeymoon trip, we used all that money for fun and stuff. So it's totally up to you. If you want it just do it. GL! HTH!
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    I'm still debating on this one. I don't think it's tacky only because the dollar/honeymoon dance is something that everyone in my family has done. I also know that it's part of my culture. If we do decide on doing this, then I will most likely have the DJ announce it as the honeymoon dance, and do what okmami did. That way we don't get pinned with needles.
     If it's something you want to do,  go for it.
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    It's not done in my family nor my circle of friends.  I personally don't like the tradition but to each their own.  
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    I thought everyone knew about the dollar/honeymoon dance, but I guess it is a cultural thing I learn something new every day. I have only been to a handful of weddings as well, but I have seen it done at I believe almost all of them. I have never seen it done with a purse before though I actually see the dollars pinned on usually by the person giving the money. Sometimes by an appointed person. I personally don't want to do it because I don't dance that great. I know every one that has done it though says it helped out plenty for the honeymoon. People aren't expected to give much just a dollar, but some people feel generous and give more.

    I have also seen the bride and groom go into separate corners of the room and the mc announces that in order to bring the b&g closer you have to pin money on them so they come together and give a kiss and that is there exit off to the honeymoon. I actually have seen that at 2 weddings.

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    It is totally normal in Both of our families. They would have questioned it IF we hadnt done it. It all depends f you see it as "tradition" or plain " Tacky. Do what you feel comfortable with. People will judge you no matter if you do, or dont do.
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    So when I first heard about this I thought it would be super tacky! HOWEVER, I went to a friends wedding a little while ago and I loved it and fully plan on doing it at my wedding. It was a nice little moment to be able to do a quick chat with my friend at his wedding. Had it not been for the honeymoon dance I dont think I would have been able to even say hi. They had the MOH and the BM stand next to them to gather the money in a white pouch for the bride and a white box for the groom. They tracked the time etc. It was very nicely done and it was really nice to have that litle moment to be able to congratulate my friend. :) I say go for it! Remember, those little moments are hard to grasp when youre a guest at a wedding.
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    We did it. It's typically a Mexican tradition and I'm Mexican, so I really wanted to, mostly because it's cheesy and fun. Except, my husband's family is Jewish so they had NO idea what was going on and it took a while to get off the ground which sucked up time. Some friends had to go around the tables exolaining what it was because the MC just announced and didn't explain like we asked. Anyway, we only made $150. Kind wasn't worth it or should have been explained better. All my Mexican relatives were totally into it.
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    I too am torn! I've seen it done at many weddings and as a guest I've never felt obligated, and as RYoung1485 said it was a great moment to have one on one time with the groom and congratulate him. But when I think about myself standing up there and people giving me the money I feel like it's tacky. Also I'm deathly afraid what if no one comes up and you're just standing there in the middle of the dance floor like an idiot. Ya. I don't even want to stress myself out over that possibilty.
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    [QUOTE] Also I'm deathly afraid what if no one comes up and you're just standing there in the middle of the dance floor like an idiot. Ya. I don't even want to stress myself out over that possibilty.
    Posted by kisheyface1110[/QUOTE]

    LOL omg that would be soooo awkward. Personally I never ever carry cash on me, I worry that my guests wont either, and I'll be stuck out there too.
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