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Jewelry District vs. Blue Nile?

I live in Paso Robles. BF is currently shopping (well, having me shop) for my engagement ring. I'm looking for something pretty simple - cathedral solitaire setting with either scrollwork or a surprise diamond on the side, with a .4-.45 ct round center stone. The quality of the diamond is important to me - ideal/excellent cut, at least VS2 clarity, excellent symmetry/polish.

Blue Nile has what I want for around $1,000 (~$375 setting/~$650 stone), but I'm wondering if it would be worth it to visit the Jewelry District in LA. The price would have to be quite a bit better to justify the trip, especially with the current gas prices. What do you ladies think?

Re: Jewelry District vs. Blue Nile?

  • You should try calling some stores in downtown la to find out what their prices look like and you can know if it's worth going down there. I'm not good with diamond prices so I wouldn;t be able to compare but since you seem to know a lot about it maybe you can compare before going to la.
  • I can't speak for the jewelry district but I have had multiple purchases from Blue Nile (this is where my engagement ring is from). I have to say, Blue Nile has been awesome in every single interaction I've had with them. FI originally picked out the engagement ring band and searched through all of their diamonds to find the perfect center stone - well, he wasn't crazy about the band once it arrived. Blue Nile helped me to find something comparable in price and that met my requirements. I was able to send the original ring back, they kept the same center stone and put it in the new band.

    Also, when we order our wedding bands, we get some type of discount.

    That's just my two cents. But I do agree with PP, definitely call some shops in the jewerly district - maybe you can find the highest rated ones on Yelp?!

    Hope that helps! :)
  • A couple of years ago Icing on the Ring was very popular on here and they're located in the jewelry district.
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  • check out

    They have a store at the jewelry district, and it's where I got DH's ring.  I think it makes a HUGE deal to see it in person!
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    I also recommend bridal rings in the diamond district. They are FABULOUS and really work with your budget. Nina was AMAZING! Also, I called before I ever went in, and the owner emailed me pictures of rings that were in my budget and also told me prices over the phone. So maybe email a picture of the blue nile ring and they may be able match it or beat it.
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  • I want to second!  They were very helpful and so easy to work with.  We got a great price for FI's wedding band and since mens bands can't be sized they have a full replacement policy.  Nina was amazing!
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  • Jewelry District!!!!....I have some private vendors that can get you the best price. Certified diamonds!!
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