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Tipping Suggestions...Help!

Hello girls,

It's been a while since I've asked for feels good to have something wedding related (sort of) haha. Anyway, DH and I are having our Trash The Dress session this Sunday...I know...If anyone of you thought we did this already...we haven't. We kept pushing the day back for various reasons. So, it's finally happening this Sunday and I need suggestions weather to tip the photographer or not and if you think I should, how much should I tip?

Our wedding was in January and it feels like we should tip. This session was included in our package but they are really going out of their way to give us what we want. They are taking us to two locations for this shoot because i couldn't decide on a dry location and beach location (they are 30 minutes apart from each other) So I don't want to take advantage and look ungrateful. Please help!


Re: Tipping Suggestions...Help!

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    I am really big on tipping!!  But for some reason, I don't feel like photographers need to be tipped, since anything they do is included in their pricing.

    However...I've never known someone to turn down money.  I don't know.  Maybe you can tip proportionately to the cost of the session?
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    oh man this a tough one! hmmmm....sure you could offer it to them since you are asking them to go to 2 locations if that wasn't stated originally.

    Ya know...I think everyone has different "mentallities" when it comes to tipping. CABride2011 said she woundn't tip a photographer but I know my photographer gets tips cux I saw a convo she was having with my DOC it was a statement  like " that's when you feel more appreciated and know you are doing a good job"

    So I think it just got my wheels turning...I've seen here before you DON'T tip if its there own business but I think all my vendors are all own business so it gets tricky I guess it just comes down to your own choice and if you feel the they deserve it.

    I hope I didn't confuse u even more
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