Hi there! I saw that your reception was at SYB. That is where mine is at as well. I agree with your review, Erin is very hard to get in touch with. Just curious - I saw that you have tulling for sale. Did they let you hang the tulling above the dance floor? I am having a hard time finding a way to do it.Thanks!

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    No, I draped it on my head tables. I'm not sure how that would work from the ceiling, good luck with that. Also a side note: I actually didn't notice this until my reception, but they store all their leftover decorations in the hall above the entryway. If I had known I would have asked them to remove it. I don't know if they would, but just thought I'd throw that out there!HTH!

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    Thanks so much! I already noticed the decorations and it does look kind of tacky! I will make sure to say something.
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