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Have you and your FI/DH discussed having kids?  If you want them, how many?  How long into your marriage do you want to start trying?
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    Yup, I wouldn't have gotten married without discussing a lot about kids, pregnancy and timelines, as well as both our thoughts on reproductive technology, adoption, etc.

    We'll start trying in about 2-2.5 years and we'd like 2 kids, 3 or 4 years apart.
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    Yes we did. At first we wanted just one but then we thought against that becuase we didn't want them to be a lonely only child so now we're planning on at least two. We'll probably start trying about a year to a year and a half after we get married.

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    We talk about it all the time. We have been married nine months now and I think we are going to start trying sometime this summer. I am not getting any younger. :) I wish we could wait a couple of years, but that worries me. I am already in my late thirties. At this point, I would say 1 or 2 kids.
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    We talked about it and both want two kids.  I think we'll start trying at the end of this year or maybe beginning of next (about two and a half years into our marriage) because I am still in school and want to get a stable job before I tell them I need maternity leave.
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    Yes we did!!! We talked about it alot @ the beginning of our relationship I was the one who said NO KIDS and he wanted 3 kids....


    We've  been married 4 I want children...we've talked about how much responsibility they are and what a hefty price tag they come with I want 2 kids BUT DH makes really good points that we want to be home owners one day and travel and have a child that will travel with us and have other stuff that will help it succeed in life. Soooo that being said he thinks for financial reasons we should only have on kid to be able to provide the things it needs and more. So I do agree with him on that point....he said if he happen to get an AWESOME job or we win the lottery we may go for a 2nd BUT as for now one child is all we are aiming for.

    We don't plan to start trying till next year probably around early spring that would about a little over a year and half being married.

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    Yes, we too have talked about it and always said we thought about 2 yrs into marriage (we are almost a year and a half).  However, I have been having back issues for a year now and am still working on getting fixed.  I can't imagine being pregnant and then all the bending and stuff that goes along with baby!  Ouuuchhhh!

    However, my BIL said it wonderfully... There is never a perfect time to have a baby.  So if you wait until you are financially sound... you may never feel that is the case so when it feels right... do it!!! 
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    Of course we've discussed kids! I think that's a very important conversation you should have before getting married because it can be a problem in your marriage if you both want different. So if you haven't, please have that convo, you both need to be on the same page.

    DH and I want kids! I would love to have the 2 "the couple" and if DH and I can afford a 3rd then we will go for it. But like xxquemirasxx said, you have to be ready financially. So yay to kids! And as of when? Well I think it would be awesome to have one next year...who knows...we'll see :)
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    Yes we have.  My fiance has three kids, and two granddaughters.  I'm still trying to adjust to being a grandma ;)
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    We have discussed having kids.  I can't imagine marrying someone without having discussed it!  We know we want them eventually, but I want to be more established with my career before we do.  I'm still pretty young, so we're thinking to start about 5 years down the line.  I have nothing but respect and admiration for women who choose to be a stay-at-home parent, but I couldn't handle it.  
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    Considering I'm "old" for knot standards (and others I guess...), I'm asked this question probably 2 times a week.

    We keep taking these great vacations and say,"One more year..."

    We're financially stable, etc. but just want to enjoy each other first, before the stress of having a child enters our lives.
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