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Downtown venue


I'm looking for a loft/gallery type venue for our wedding of 75 people.

Anything cool come to mind?

(Please don't say Marvimom!)

Re: Downtown venue

  • jilly884jilly884 member
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    The Standard? W? Marvimom--JUST KIDDING! :)
  • lusygoosy06lusygoosy06 member
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  • nickchicknickchick member
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    Box Eight Studios!!
  • sfchicksfchick member
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    Britt from recently got married at Box8 - you can see photos of the venue on her wacky site.

    I'd suggest doing the gallery walk on thursday night so that you can get an idea of what places look like when they are filled w/people rather than just installations.

    Another idea I have is one that I didn't use. Our reception location is used for film shoots - you might want to tap into a location scout and see what they recommend.

    Lastly, when I was looking downtown, I found Yelp to be really helpful as people don't hold back on their reviews. Marvimon might be an arm and leg but they've done all the work already - remember that if you have it at a gallery - you'll have to bring everything in on your own and it could get expensive, not to mention dealing w/parking and sound ordinances and liquor permits. Just my 2 cents.
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    I am photographing a super cool wedding in May at Huron Substation in Highland Park, Los Angeles. I haven't been there yet but it looks like a pretty awesome venue!

    and if you are looking for a photog please take a look at my work...   ;)

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