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Christina Molina DOC $200 off

Hey Ladies!

So Christina Molina had a contest I believe last week  and the ladies that won were unable to book so shes offering this: I'm going to copy and paste from my FB:

unfortunatly the 3 winners of my contest were unable to book! :( so I am offering the first 3 brides who book this week will get $200 off! Also if you are interested in invites if you are the first 3 you get $75 off! email me at GOOD LUCK

So us knotties are always looking to save a buck here and there so I thought passing on the boards. Christina is totally awesome and very professional and I think this is so GREAT she is offering this...I wish she would of done this when I was booking...Tongue out

Well of the week ladies!

Re: Christina Molina DOC $200 off

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    What does she normally charge? I'm looking at her site and it says to e-mail her for info. We're considering a DOC..but really don't have much money in the budget for one. So even with $200 off, if it's too much, I don't want to waste anyones time.
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    Well when I booked her she was $500 (that was '09)...I'm always certain she's raised her prices. 

    I don't think you are wasting anyones time but just asking her what she would charge...I mean i'm sure she gets a million emails a day just inquiring. You never know she might be in your budget Wink
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