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Okay, ladies, I just have to vent a bit.  I had flew in from the east coast to visit my family this weekend and thought that it would be a good time to visit some vendors.  I had called ahead and double checked to make sure that they are open and available and made specific appointments with each vendor.  Everything had went really well and today was my last vendor meeting, at Mark's Garden.  

Holy crap, I've read poor customer reviews on them before but I figured I would give them a chance, since they had really beautiful arrangements. When I got there, guess what?  My florist didn't even show up.  Yup.

Another florist had to call her and then they told me that, "She is very sorry, but she completely forgot to call you to cancel the appointment.  They're doing a huge wedding out in the Palisades and Mark wanted her to go at the last minute so she forgot to call you and cancel."

Wow.  Okay.  Did I mention I had my FI and FMIL in tow?  Anyways, that's that.  Just thought I'ld share my experience in case anyone else is considering them - hope you have a better experience than me.  

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    That totally sucks!
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    Ridiculous! :( I hope the rest of the planning goes well for you!

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    I am so very sorry about that.  I know some that love them and their arrangements, but I got a VERY large flower arrangement from them after an operation this past year and the arrangement died within a day and a half.  I was too sick to deal with them (and possibly fight with them) so I did not call to see if they would replace the arrangement so I can't say how their customer service was.  (But, when they arrived some of the flowers were already half dead, I don't know how they would have allowed them to leave the shop looking like that.)  That's the only experience I have with them.   Good luck with your search. 
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    Umm, that is terrible.  I can't believe they didn't call you to cancel at least.  If you need a recommendation, I love my florist Bride and Bloom Flowers.  Good Luck in your  search.
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    Sorry to hear about your experience.  I hope you have better luck with other vendors!!
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    Thanks everyone for the support - I'll definitely look into those recommendations! 
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