I wanted to know what your experience was with the Retro Rider--we are looking into it and since you had used them, I was curious.  TIA!!! 

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    The Retro Rider was great! I would definitely recommend using it. Rates were comparable, maybe even cheaper, to other transportation options that size, and Linda Andi (owner) puts effort into making it special. She can be kinda short and frazzled on the phone sometimes, but in the end, she's very kind and its important to her that you have a special day. They incorporate your colors, supply ice, a cooler, and cups, and were on time. We have no complaints! It's definitely not your "normal" wedding transportation, and it will definitely draw attention, but it's fun, it's casual, and it's something out of the ordinary. Our wedding party and guests loved it. The horn on the bus sounds like a train. No joke. Leaving the church parking lot, we had QUITE the exit. ;)
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    Awesome!  Thanks for letting me know--I think we're gonna go with them--definitely out of the ordinary and FUN! 
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