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Dresses in LA/Santa Monica

I apologise in advance for hi-jacking a bridal forum, but I need advice on dresses, and I figured you girls would be the people in the know!

I live in Australia, and am departing on a cruise from LA early next year. The cruise line gets very formal after 6pm most nights where you have to dress up either in formal wear or cocktail dress.

My plan is to step off the plane and hit up the stores to go dress shopping. I've looked online for the best places to go for evening & cocktail gowns, but I can't seem to find a definitive location I can go and find what I need.

So my question is, can anyone recommend a good all-in-one store where I can find a good selection of bridesmaid, evening and/or cocktail dresses where I can walk in, pick dresses off the rack, and walk out with a half dozen or so dresses under my arm and not have to worry about hunting all over town.

I'm staying in Santa Monica but have a car so can travel. Is somewhere like David's Bridal the sort of place I can find a decent range of available dresses?

Thanks in advance, ladies!


Re: Dresses in LA/Santa Monica

  • I just looked at David's website..they do have some cute "party" dresses (that don't look like bridesmaid dresses), but you never know what they will actually have in stock as far as style and size. I mean you obviously never know what any store will have in stock, but it's more likely that a department store would have a good variety than for a bridal store. 

    If you're staying in SM - I would start there.
    There's an outdoor mall right there with several large department stores that are more likely to have a range of sizes and styles. 

    Not sure what your style (or budget) is, but here are a few stores you can look at:

    The 3rd St Promenade also has many shops..this is one I would recommend checking out.

    Good luck and have a wonderful trip!!! 
  • As noted above Santa Monica Place is your best bet in SM.  There's a Nordstroms, a Bloomingdales and a BCBG.   You may also want to check ABS on Montana Ave
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