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Legal Name Change Time Limit?

I am changing my last name to his and I was wondering if there is a time limit on how long you have to change all your legal documents to my new last name? I can't seem to find anything on the topic in a google search. Everything I find is for if you don't change your name at the time you get the license.

Any help would be appreciated!


Re: Legal Name Change Time Limit?

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    I don't think there is a time limit to change your last name. As a matter of fact, after procrastinating for a year and 8 months I finally did all my last name changes. I went to the Social Security office first (took me 5 minutes) take your marriage certificate (not a copy but original) and they will make a change right then. After receiving your new social security card with your new last name you take it to DMV along with the original marriage certificate too. They will make the change and you will prob take a new picture too. After receiving your new license with new last name, then you can go ahead and call bank, credit cards, etc...

    Hope this helped. GL! :)

    Oh- there is no charge at SS office for name change. DMV charges like twenty something so take $$ to pay for license. :)
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    I am going to change my name, but we go on our honeymoon in December and all of our travel documents are in my maiden name.  I am concerned because I have received checks as wedding gifts in my new last name.  I plan to keep my maiden name and add my married name with ny hyphen. I am just worried that I have to sit on these checks for another 40 days before we can use them to open our joint checking account. i know I don't like people to hold my money that long....
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